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Savinirs a thought took birth in the year 2005, when a group of dedicated and enthusiastic Engineers came together and conceived an idea to start a world class company which can create a revolution in the world of technology. Four Years of dedication and execution of several projects finally gave the impetus to incorporate this thought as Savinirs Infotech Pvt Ltd in August 2009.

We at Savinirs believe that it is never late for the business houses to bring the desired level of process automation so as to cut costs and generate greater revenues. We enable our clients to thrive in the rapidly changing business environment by delivering end-to-end solutions in Business Technology Services (BTS), Consulting Enterprise Services (CES) , Testing Services (TS), and Product Engineering Services (PES).

Our Motto is to provide high quality design, rapid implementation and QA testing with the most cost-efficient and timely delivery to our clients. We help you reduce your overall IT solutions costs. We use proven architectural concepts to build systems that are scalable, flexible, reliable, and easy to support. Our proven performance of incorporating information technology with imagination and creative solutions is always consistent with our clients corporate image and goals.

The Strategic Mission of Savinirs is to Drive Technology in anything and everything one can imagine!

We do what we believe and we believe in what we do.


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Our IT Services & Products

We provide various IT services after carefully studying and understanding our clients requirements. Some os the services are listed as below

  • Embedded Wireless System Integration
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Android & Facebook App Development
  • PLM - Windchill Support
  • Customised Application Development
  • Domain and Hosting Services
  • IT Staffing & Consultancy Services
  • Portals & Content Management
  • HR-sysDNA Enterprise Product
  • S&P-sysDNA Enterprise Product
  • SavvyCampus
  • RFID Readers
  • RFID Solutions for Events & Concerts