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SQENZ, an Indigenously developed RFID Reader providing interactive solution for various requirements. Sqenz is an aesthetically looking interactive RFID Reader, with capability of reading 4 byte UID,7 byte UID and 10 byte UID cards and transfers the data through wireless/LAN/port method to server.


The Readers are developed keeping in mind the CE compliance and have the following Unique features

  • LCD Touch Screen Display
  • The RFID Reader is a community data gathering device intended to recognize RFID Tags and transmit the information over multiple modes of communication protocols. Data transfer and communication with the Server through Wi-fi, 3G, GPRS, GSM & Ethernet Options.
  • Track the Location through the GPS
  • Interfacing parts are (i) power socket, (ii) RJ45 ethernet connector, (iii) SMA connector with antenna, (iv) mini USB connector
  • Rechargeable battery Lithium Ion/Lithium Polymer-7.4V
  • Capability of reading 4 byte UID,7 byte UID, 10 byte UID cards and ISO15693
  • Card Writing capabilities on both Mifare and ISO15693
  • 3G Compatibale!
  • Configuration Application
  • Internal Storage through SD Card
  • The Device can be either Wall-mount, Handheld or used as a Tabletop
  • Client Problems can be diverse like tracking of mobile & stationary assets, Baggage handling in airports, product tracking in b2b supply chain, automated parking system, traffic management in public transport system, temperature & pressure sensing.

    Our RFID Solutions can help you manage all the above. SQENZ readers can also be used for various event management activities which include RFID Ticketing systems, Social Network message posting on realtime basis, Cashless Cards Management, Guest Loyalty Programs etc.

    RFID, Wireless and Embedded Solutions

    We also provide complete system level solutions on wireless product development and software integration to set up a complete working system, through custom developed embedded hardware and software solutions.

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