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Embedded Wireless System Integration

Our Core Expertise lies in providing unique solutions for projects which requires development of both wireless hardware and softwares along with their integration. We have executed several such projects providing end-to-end solutions which include development of wireless communication hardware products along with necessary software front-end and software architecture development.

RFID Solution

We help you in seeting up Customised wireless system by integrating various hardware and software modules like the following

  • Develop Wireless Hardware which can include GSM, GPRS, RFID, Fingerprint Recognition and others
  • Develop a Customised Front end and Back end Application which interacts with the hardware to information management
  • Integrate all hardwares like RF Readers, CCTV, Printers, Computers and others with the software and set up the Integrated System.
  • Provide necessary hoting and maintainance services during and post implementation.

  • RFID, Wireless and Embedded SolutionsRFID, Wireless and Embedded Solutions

    We also provide complete system level solutions on wireless product development and software integration to set up a complete working system, through custom developed embedded hardware and software solutions.

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